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Somaik Henna Export Corporation , exporter of hair and skin care products

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We have a team of professionals who inturn have contributed to develop for the Company a satisfied workforce, which in turn produces satisfactory results for our esteemed buyers. They are fully devoted towards the Company and their enthusiasm governs our image as an employer friendly organisation. At Somaik Henna Export Corp, we have created an atmosphere that gives our employees a sense of belonging, which surely affects company's growth as a successful and progressive group.

No Child Labour -
Somaik Henna Export Corp. takes care that no child labour is used in the premises of the Company.We strongly pay emphasis to the rich Indian culture and strongly oppose the exploitation of Children.

Air-Conditioned R&D Lab -

Somaik Henna Export Corp.stongly believes that being in the highly competitive market the Company should continuously strive for high quality products.To keep itself abrest with the latest development in this field the Company employs and emphasises on continuous Research work.This inturn pays the Company for its matchless quality.The fully airconditioned lab along with the latest machines gives rise to a very condusive environment to these professionals.

Production Plant -
In somaik Henna Export Corp we use all the mordern machinery use in production in a Moisture free atmosphere. This give us an edge to deliver quality products to our clients.

Packaging -
At Somaik Henna Export Corp. we very much give importance and emphasis to the packaging of our product.Therefore, we use the best packing possible.our Packaging So, all our products are packed in such a manner that they remain durable,far more attractive and impressive.


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