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Somaik Henna Export Corporation , exporter of hair and skin care products
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

How long does it last?

The designs will last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the depth of the henna dye stain, what part of the body area was done and how exposed it is to rubbing, soap and water. Henna dye stains the outer layers of skin, so the less you rub or wash the longer the design will linger.It works best on warmer, more porous parts of the body like the hands and feet. Applying heat, such as a blow-dryer will help designs on other parts of the body to come out dark as well. The paper tape and/or New Skin also help as they keeps the mehndi design next to the skin.

How long do I leave it on?

This is entirely up to the person wearing the paste. 2-3 hours minimum is recommended. The longer the better. Although you will see effects even after an hour! We supply a large plastic glove to protect design if you choose to protect your design while it the tattoo sets. Or you may use 'paper tape' to keep your design in place. This comes in handy for salons who are doing customers as well as those at home.

What is the difference between henna pre-made paste in the tube and making your own paste?
The pre-made tube paste is great for convenience and color, but the henna powder lasts longer and gives a deeper color.

Is Hair color harmful ?
We only use internationaly recognise chemicals. but we also recommed a skin test before appying the colors.

How long do i leave it on ?
The minimum application time is 30 Minutes.

I have black hair can i color my hair ?
It should use only on Grey hair or on normal hair it can be used after bleaching.

Can i use it with oil on my hair ?
Yes you can use it on oily hair also.

Can we go swimming with a Henna Tattoo ?
Yes but after 5 hours when it is dry. It is better to avoid swimming pools because of the chlorine that could damage you tattoo.

How long can a Henna Tattoo last ?
In between one and three weeks depending on the water, the soap you use and your activities(swimming...).

What can I do when the nib is blocked ?
Use a syringe without needle filled in with hot water, put it on the end of the nib. The water pressure will clear it. The 0,7 mm are usually better, they do not get blocked too often.

What if the product arrives damaged?
A: When you receive your package(s), inspect them for damage. If the package appears to have been mishandled, and your merchandise is damaged, file a claim with the shipper (UPS or Postal Service) immediately also contact our customer service department we will help to get the issue resolved quickly. If you receive damage goods in undamaged packaging, we will take care of the problem. In either case, let us know immediately so that we can help resolve the situation.

Can I purchase these products individually?
Yes. Please contact us at the phone number in conatct Page.

For more details and Questions please mail us or Contact us.............

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